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Hi, Darling! Welcome to Lisbon's new place to be for all things pleasure.

What's your pleasure?


About us.

xuxu [shoo shoo]: A way of calling people close to you; darling, babe.


Lisbon's new conscious pleasure positive studio was born with the purpose to provide a safer home to the community who seek and the experts who provide high quality education and experiences for the body, human relating and sexuality.


At xuxu, you can find classes, workshops, therapies, treatments and a boutique for the naughty and the nice, as well as the deep challenges and the great fun.

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Our purpose.

We believe in a world where everyone can express their sexuality freely, fully and bravely.


Our purpose is to free sexuality from the conceptual prison it has been put in. The field has been pushed into the darkness, leaving humans filled with shame and disconnection to their own bodies. It has also created an underground industry with questionable offerings and an abundance of walking red flags. But don’t you worry, Darling, we’re here for the revolution. We’re smashing taboos and setting new, non-pretentious standards in the industry. 


We're collaborating in building a reality where working on your pleasure is treated as normal as going to the gym. We advocate for choice and encourage radical self-expression, creating self-awareness and living a fuck-yes life. At xuxu, we run a strict no-bullshit policy. We celebrate the full spectrum of human-ness, authenticity, miscellaneousness.


We honor the co-existence it takes to navigate the field of sexuality: we're here for the playful pleasure and bring the necessary care for the challenging parts. We're all in for all of it. Our power lies in finding the sweet spot.


xuxu feels like home-cuming.

Anchor Funraiser

Pioneering pleasure is hot.
And so are you.

xuxus, we have been on a journey for almost a year. While it has been great fun and pleasure, we also came to understand that we are creating something entirely new in the world and pioneering usually comes with challenges. We encountered an abundance of systematic obstacles relating to our industry. We believe we can succeed in the mission to break those walls down and create a safer home for the community. This long way has cost us more ressources than anticipated. We are finally on the last stretch to open our doors but now we need your support!

Join our juicy fundraiser event in Lisbon!

A weekend filled with playful pleasure positive classes and somewhere between vanilla and spicy workshops, top tier sex ed talks and performances, yummy experiences and a mini version of our all things pleasure boutique.


yeah, this is the spot.

Meet our spicy founders.


Luna Somatic

Somatic Sexological Bodyworker &

Embodied Sex Coach

Luna (she/her) became a certified sex geek after transforming her relationship to pleasure and intimacy through erotic embodiment and unpacking shame. Her passion lies in sex education and empowerment and she is committed to bringing this to her community. Her work combines therapeutic practices, erotic touch, and sex education through play. She believes that integrated sexuality has the power to free people and make this world a safer and more loving place.


Marry Mae

Temple Creatress &

Trained as Relationship and Sex Therapist 

Marry (she/her) lives a queer, polyam and kink positive life and her work as a pleasure activist reflects that. Her zone of genius is to create safer spaces for erotic intimacy. Her work is about holding people's hands while they find and eventually express their authentic sexual self. Letting go of "love n' light" and diving into radical honesty is her biggest turn on. She believes that healing happens in community where all of us is welcome.

Darling, you're not ready for what's coming.


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Find us soon in the sexy neighborhood of Anjos!

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