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April 13th & 14th | 11am - 6pm | @armazemsoul

Pioneering pleasure

Our upcoming sexy event.

xuxus, let's be fully honest here. Our original plan was to paint some walls and put some rugs into our rental and start the fun. Little did we know. We truly didn't expect the dimensions this project would take on. From working with an abundant amount of lawyers and being told "you could go to jail with this" (we kind of solved this, don't worry) to being faced with massive stigmas in the tech industry and not finding a payment processor that is open to manage our money flow. All of this feels so ridiculous, when you know that we are an education center... but in the sexy realms.

The journey to bring this studio has been a long, tough and costly one. We thought we could do it alone but we cannot. This is where we need your support.

Together with a BOMB team and our sexy volunteer supporters, we created a spicy event that gives us an excellent excuse to bring the community together already and experience what the studio will feel like.

We are bringing you a weekend with a mini version of the studio. Our studio team is gathering in full power to bring you playful classes and educational workshops, top-tier sex ed talks, delicious experiences, and our mini pleasure boutique. 

All proceeds will be used to fund xuxu. By coming to this event, you will contribute to making this studio a reality and karma points will be on your account forever, baby!


The schedule.


Switching from mind to body

Creating consent culture

Tantric play

Unfuck polarities

Lemme' tie you up: an intro to ropes

Sex Ed Talk: Power (at) play

VIP insights to the studio journey Pt. I

Integration circle

Psssstt.. here is a little secret! There will also be a Temple Night.


Shake ya booty

Becoming an ethical kinkster: a practical intro

Hands On: how to touch nipples, pussies and cocks

[on yummy vegetables, not bodies]

Sex Ed Talk: butt stuff (your asshole is your bestie)

VIP insights to the studio journey Pt. II

From conflict to connection in intimate relationships

Integration cuddle puddle 

oh xuxu, we want you there!

We offer day passes, a discounted weekend pass and as a little surprise... also a temple on Saturday night. And to be transparent, because this is a fundraiser event, the prices are higher and do not reflect the studio pricing. 

Day pass


Weekend pass


Temple pass

69EUR, 50% discount if you hold a day or weekend pass

> update: low income options <

We have been listening to what the community has been saying. Accessibility is one of xuxu's main values and we want this to be lived from day one. So we pulled some strings and are able to offer low income options now. We trust that those will be booked by those who need them. 







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How spicey will it get?

The workshops and talks are educational. Yes, experiencing such things for the first time can be arousing and we don't shame that but that is sexual gratification is not the main focus. We advocate for choice and you choose your level of involvement at all times. We celebrate a good boundary and no.

Is there nudity involved?

No. We allow consensually undressing yourself to your and your exercise partners comfort but underwear always stays on.

Do you have more questions? Let's make sure they are answered.

Send an eMail to <3

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